Rules Of Dogging

Rules Of Dogging Explained

Dogging doesnt have rules as such, more guides or dogging guidlines. Obviously saftey comes first from both the doggers and the exhibitionists.Understanding what dogging is helps understanding what these guidelines are. Becuase dogging doesnt always involve the dogger joining in then safe sex is not always an option. But if you are a swinging couple or dogger and want to either join in the sex action or have doggers join in with you. The always rely on your own safe sex protection. Condoms are a must in dogging.

dogging rules example
Example of swinging couple letting a dogger join in

Dogging rules vary from couple to couple as well as dogging location to dogging location. But usually a couple will make it very clear if they are confortable for others to join in.

Usually a clear indication of a couple wanting a dogger to watch is that they will often put their lights on. If the want a dogger to join in they may open the window. If they want them to join in they will often just tell you. More dogging signs can be found in our Frequently asked questions.

Don’t sneak up on unsuspecting couples. Not every parked couple is looking for attention, some may be out just with no where to go and have sex. It can be a grey area. You may find that a couple may turn nasty. Often pre arranging meating can be the best option espoecially for beginers. Dogging forums and dogging chat rooms are the best places to pre arrange a dogging meating

Some simple dogging rules to follow
  • Doggers dont watch if not invited
  • Exhibitionists know and set set your limits. If you only want to be watched. Let that be known.
  • Keep it clean and safe
  • Dont rush couples. Let them relax and get into their stride before rushing over
  • No shouting or heckling. No shouting out “get your tits out for the lads” etc etc. Usually the exhibitionist couple
  • The gay scene and the dogging scene sometimes come in to cointact with each other. Make sure you know what your after and make sure everyone else knows.

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