First time dogging



I had been trying to get my partner to try dogging for months however she wasn’t interested no matter how much I tried she wouldn’t budge, I’d been talking to a guy from my job about the idea as he had experimented with it a few years ago and he liked it especially since it involved slutty women he said he’d love to see my female at it he’s often saying how attractive she is,only if he knew just how much she dislike him haha but it got me considering setting them up in a dogging situation

It had been a Friday night my girlfriend was out clubbing. I stayed . We had been texting she was saying how pissed and horny she was and I kept saying I’ll pick her up and then get her to the forest she kept stating absolutely no but then she didn’t reply for 1/2 hour and I was about to go to sleep when she
text saying “screw it, I’m horny pick me up now” my heart was beating so fast I straight away texted my work buddy simply on the off chance he’d be up for this I had no reply however , I was even now positive he would get there

I actually picked Sarah up at the club she was fairly inebriated and looked whorry in her short black skirt that was quite short. Sarah got in and straight away began rubbing my prick. I was so errect

So we surely got to the forest area where I parked in the car park close to the fishing pond it had been dark plus scary, We could not observe any vehicles she asked what now and I told her to suck my dick she smiled and before long she was teasing my tool using her tongue, I began texting my pal just in case he was here, I told him I would get my girlfriend to push her cute arse out the window and for him to tap on the car roof two times to confirm it was him (that’s if anybody was about) TEN mins past and no text back no one about by this time around she was giving my cock the very best blowjob and then I heard footsteps and someone neared , Sarah’s arse was right out the windows ready then I saw someone’s fingers get Sarah’s dress and pull it up over her rear my girlfriend stopped sucking briefly to whisper she was nervous I told her she would be okay and she continued devouring my cock, after that came the two 2 taps which established it was my friend I was imagining if only Sarah knew who it had been.

He pulled Sarah’s knickers to the side and got straight down and started out licking Sarah’s beaver my girlfriend
was moaning instantly then she glanced at me and proclaimed her pussy was dripping wet. I was soooo fired up I grabbed her hair and pushed her back again on my tool helping to make her gag whilst her soaking
crotch was licked Sarah was really turned on to the point she could not continue sucking next all of the sudden she shouted “I’m cuming”

My pal had slid his very hard prick inside her soaking pussy and started to press fast the noise of Sarah’s ass slapping against his tummy was some thrill. For FIFTEEN mins solid my friend was screwing her making her cum and cum as she wanked and blew my penis We were trying so hard not to shoot all over her then she bellowed more louder and said that he just stick his cock up her bum I could not take anymore and I erupted right over her mouth she ate most of it then carried on sucking by this time my pal was seconds from exploding himself. He began grunting loud as Sarah groaned with pleasure as he crammed her bum with creamjizz he then pulled away tapped on the top again and went…..