Night vision dogging videos

These are a collection of dogging videos taken with night vision. I think night vision is the closest you can get to dogging for real without leaving your house. I will add more night vision…


funny dogging short clips

These small clips are a collection of dogging clips and movies I have found or have been sent. Not long full length movies but just clips that feature or talk about dogging. It seems there…


Dogging a love story full movie

This movie has some Asian sub titles, I can’t find the full length movie without sub titles. You would think after all these years of dogging in the media someone would have made a better…


Dogging Diary spoof documentary

A spoof documentary, really taking off the dogging tales documentary that was featured on Chanel 4 (Link But you have to be in the U.K to watch it) Not the funniest video in the world….