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May 27th, 2015

I usually only post U.K exhibitionists but Im starting to like these flashing sluts from the U.S and so I will be posting more and more of them. In this exhibitionist movie. This slutty babe is on the streets of L.A and flashing her tits pussy and ass to all the strangers she meets. She actually is spreading her legs in the middle of the highway at one point while masturbating. All the time being filmed of course. Then the slut finds a bunch of guys who play with her and record it on their video phones. The film climaxes as this flashing slut gets fucked outside. Click here to see more Asses In Public!

voyeurs watch exhibitionist girls put on shows

May 26th, 2015

I get excited just thinking about sex, oftentimes I really don’t require any movies or porn pictures. I sometimes perform these totally free live webcam shows on this site and yes it really has transformed our take on sex. At this point I really know very well what turns men on. My own cunt becomes wet seeing these guys climax. Would you prefer me personally to ram a couple of fingers way up my bumm? And also ram all of them inside this pussy?

Girlfriend sucks off her boyfriend in a car

May 25th, 2015

In These movie clips we have this real uk couple in a car. This hot British slapper sucks her big black boyfriends cock in his car at a local dogging spot. To see more of this real UK couple and many other UK couples sucking and fucking. Visit Real UK Couples here

UK wives are the 3rd most unfaithul

May 24th, 2015

Uk females come in 3rd place in the Top TEN Most unfaithful wives On earth. unfaithful wives brings both unfaithful wives as well as guys which appreciate them, with each other. The UNLV document about cheating & relationships noted that The uk had cheating plus extramarital affairs instances at a rate of almost 50%, Great Britain experiences a higher rate of women infidelity. On unfaithful wives we’ve got swingers (including couples), cuckolding spouses in addition to merely cheating spouses. Have a search on the site and check if you can find your wife or maybe your mates girl. Or simply join totally free to get unfaithful wives now.

Dogging sites in Middlesex

May 23rd, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Middlesex the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Middlesex you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Warren Lane Stanmore
  • Bayhurst wood country park
  • Feltham Industrial Estate
  • Somerfield willesden green
  • Cooks Hole Road, off Cedar Road next to Hillyfields ParkCranford Country Park near Heathrow.
  • Warren Lane in Stanmore.
  • Stockley Park Golf Course
  • The Fryent Way Park

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Swingers and wife swapping movies in Essex

May 22nd, 2015

Kim who featured in the news of the world in cumshot action. Taken from her famous swingers parties. These are a few clips. To see the full length movies check out Kims Amateurs Here

Exhibitionist in Los Angeles caught on film

May 21st, 2015


I have decided to add some american slappers to this dogging site blog as they make great outdoor dogging, flashing and exhibitionist movies. In outdoor flashing video that I took in downtown Los Angeles this flashing slapper was flashing her shaved pussy and big breasts to any men that we met on the streets or in shops. At one point she jerked an old man we found and he shot his cum over her hand. This dirty exhibitionist slut wanted to get fucked hard outside after all the excitment and so I found a back alley in which she could get fucked while we watched and I filmed it all. Click here to see more Asses In Public!

New link added

May 20th, 2015

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Dogging sites in London

May 19th, 2015
  • ladywell park
  • Chumleigh Gardens, Burgess park
  • Oxleas Woods Car Park
  • Cranford Park & Car Park
  • Whipps Cross
  • Dulwich The lane that leads up to Dulwich golf course
  • Kenton, north of Wembley Barn Hill recreation area
  • Clapham Common
  • Elmfield Road Swimming Pool
  • Hampstead Heath
  • Addington Hills east of Croydon
  • Wimbledon Park
  • Lee Green, Chiltonian Industrial estate
  • Barnes Common tennis courts car park

Biker babe pees in front of construction workers at Paddington station in London. Watch the full length movie here

Dogging sites in Lincolnshire

May 18th, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Lincolnshire the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Lincolnshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Twigmore woods car-park
  • Grimsby Bradley Woods
  • Snipe Dales Country Park
  • Belton picknic area
  • Churchill Lane beach and dunes
  • Anthonys Bank car-park
  • Theddlethorpe Beach
  • Stallingborough Old Road
  • Hartsholme park
  • Weelsby Woods
  • Blidworth Bottoms
  • Horseshoe Point car-park, near Marsh Chapel
  • Hartsholme Park
  • Viewpoint, near the Lincolnshire
  • Snipe Dales Country Park
  • Hartsholme Park
  • Donner nook carpark

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May 17th, 2015

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Amateur And Homemade Porn: site review and samples

May 16th, 2015

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Dogging sites in Leicestershire

May 15th, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Leicestershire the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Leicestershire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Bradgate park
  • Lutterworth Road
  • Watermead Country Park
  • Burbage Common
  • Snarestone canal picnic area
  • Groby Pool Car park
  • Bradgate Country Park
  • Whitemoore carpark
  • Groby Pool
  • Water meed country park
  • Burbage Common
  • Foxton Locks Carpark
  • Blackthorn Lane
  • Charnwood Water

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Dogging sites in Lancashire

May 14th, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Lancashire the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Lancashire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Crompton lakes
  • Heaton Hall Park
  • Hollingworth Lake
  • Walton Gardens car-park
  • Hambledon Hill .
  • Pennington Flash Country Park
  • wycoller country park
  • Ainsdale beech near Southport
  • Burnley-Crown point road
  • Wyvoller Country Park
  • Moses Gate Country Park
  • Entwistle Reservoir
  • Crown Point Rd
  • Beacon Fell
  • Padiham Behind The Firestation
  • Daisy Nook Country Park
  • Bleak House Park
  • Singleton – Lay-by on Lodge Lane
  • Entwistle car park picnic benches
  • Birchwood Forest Park car-park
  • Black Hill Sabden
  • Stairfoot Lane
  • Ashurst beacon
  • Witches Tower car-park
  • Witches tower car park
  • Silburn Way car-park
  • bull beck picnic stop

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Swinger wife sucking two men on video

May 13th, 2015

In this Movie filmed at the world famous Kims Amateurs. Kims Amateurs are British housewives that get very horny, enjoy group sex and bukkake. We see Kim being fucked and sucking two men before they all shoot their cum over her. If you like to watch horny mature ladies getting busy with cocks and enjoying rough fucking, make sure to check out the site To see all of Kims Amateur movies visit her site here

Dogging sites in Kent

May 12th, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Kent the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Kent you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Walmer Castle car park (beach)
  • Cobham Woods
  • Harold road carpark
  • Sharp green nr strand in gillingham kent
  • Dover cliffs car park above Dover’s Eastern docks
  • Oxleas woods
  • Joss Bay
  • Riverside Country Park
  • Camer park Meopham
  • Aylesford, Cobtree Country Park
  • Chilham-toilet
  • Kings Wood carpark
  • Leysdown Naturists beach and car park.
  • Farthing Common
  • Birchwood Park Golf Club
  • Cobtree Manor Country Park
  • Deer Park
  • Croydon shirley hills
  • Goudhurst green
  • Shoreham woods
  • Pilgrims way Maidstone

Teen flashing her cunt in a dogging spot in Kent


Chav slapper at the Morrisons carpark masturbating in the back of the van

May 11th, 2015

The chav van is driving around all the local dogging sites looking for some slappers to film in the back of the chav van. But they cant find any slappers at the dogging sites or the council estates where the chav slappers are usually hanging out so they go and see if they can find some chav slappers shopping at Morrisons for some cheap vodka or some Lambert & Butler fags. They find this chav who is wearing a short denim skirt, dirty trainers and a tan jacket. This chav looks like a proper slapper and thats what she is. It doesn’t take long before this slapper is in the back of the chav van being filmed. I guess the guys from the chav van have offered to pay for her Morrisons shopping. Well a bottle of cheap vodka and a packet of fags is well worth the price of watching a dirty slapper masturbating in the back of the chav van. From the full length video at exxxposers

Dogging sites in Hertfordshire

May 10th, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Hertfordshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Hertfordshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Stanbourgh Lakes
  • Hartham common
  • Alenham Park Resevoir
  • Berkhamsted Castle behind in car park
  • Tring train station
  • Abbots Langley Bottom cricket club car park

Swingers fucking outside in Hertfordshire


Dogging Locations In Herefordshire

May 9th, 2015

Dogging locations in and around Herefordshire the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Herefordshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Haugh Woods car park

This swinging couple are fucking outside in the local dogging spot in Herefordshire. After this husband finishes fucking his wife, some stranger who was watching has a go on her

Dogging History & how dogging started

May 8th, 2015
Dogging history is mainly folk law and half truthes. Many doggers and exhibitionists have there own theory about how dogging got started.
Dogging or is basically Public sex, with others watching or joining in. Its an extension of swinging in some ways and not in others. Because with dogging as apposed to swinging. Actual sex contact doesnt always take place, as our dogging stories and dogging pictures show.

One dogging theory is that the term “dogging” comes from voyeurs going to well known sites for couples and watching them have sex. But these voyuers wanted a reason for being out late wondering around while watching couples. So the pretended to take their dogs for a walk. But another theory is that to dog someone is also to follow or watch them. so dogging may have come from being dogged or being watched.

dogging history
Example of exhibitionist on the train

Dogging started with exhibitionist couples and singles as the girl above flashing on the train ride to London above. Then dogging stories started to apear in both the news and national press.

The dogging craze hi the headlines when well known footballer Stan Collymore admited he went dogging

“Stan Collymore’s admission that he’s been “dogging” – having sex with strangers in public places – is the latest chapter in a sorry saga of how a potentially brilliant career came to grief” Read the whole stan collymore dogging story here

Dogging can be great fun is is a great new craze to come out of the UK. As long as you follow the dogging rules you to can have dogging stories like this to tell.

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